thoughts on ‘habits of rich and the poor’

Sometime late last week I had read on theinternetmonk one of the Saturday Ramblings posts (this one to be specific) that linked to a CNN article (right here) which took offense about something posted on Dave Ramsey’s blog (this is the article … but it referred to statistics provided by a Tom Corley) quoting some statistics about rich and the poor and their differences.

At the time of reading the “Saturday Ramblings” post, I would have said I agree that the stats were taken a little out-of-context, but thankfully since the Ramblings post is linked to the CNN article which is linked to the ACTUAL Ramsey post, I can get to the REAL heart and see that since his original posting, Dave added “A word from Dave…” that probably was double the length of the original article to explain himself more clearly since he received a lot of “feedback”… feel free to read it yourself but the part that stood out to me was this: Continue reading



Lamenting is Worship Part 1 (but there’s 6 more parts – so if you like it see the related videos)

“Through Paul God tells us we should weep with those who weep. Enter redemptively with them whether we are suffering or not…  How do we create a safe sanctuary for those who are suffering?”

Where is the place for this? Why are all our worship songs so “happy”? I really struggle with this in current corporate fellowship at “church”.

Background: this was Michael Card speaking back in 2009 at a Worship Summit. I was connected to him when he came to Richmond and my dear friend Tim in some way mentioned it, and I came with him. Beautifully he played the piano and worshipped God at the same time as telling the story of the Bible. For me, by far one of the best worship “experiences” I have been part of. So many of Michael’s songs resonate with me, especially El Shaddai – live with Michael Card and Amy Grant.

It seems I may have more time on my hands again…

As I can’t drive once again; so I figure I might as well write a few posts. For the curious few, I obviously haven’t been writing much but I have been reading quite a bit over the past few months … and I thought I had my account configured to post recently read books on here, but it appears not. If you want to see my book list, feel free to check out my GoodReads account. Mostly I’ve been reading a whole lot of sci-fi, but since my daughter was given a Kindle for Christmas and there’s a whole lot of classic books you can download for free, I’ve been reading a lot of older stuff too. Either which way, it seems now I’ve got quite some free time to read since I can’t drive anywhere!

Review: Rama Revealed

Rama Revealed
Rama Revealed by Arthur C. Clarke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very detailed and many nice little plot twists in this in-depth book that ends the Rama series. Even without reading the 1st or 3rd books in the series, I totally give it top ratings especially for the ending.

I stayed up way too late too many nights because I just didn’t want to put it down…

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As of late…

There’s been plenty going on … just not evident here on this blog.

  • Cub Scouts rocks -my son has moved on-ward from Tiger into Wolf! I just might want to get more involved in this… if nothing else, this year I’ve really enjoyed helping him with his belt loops more (last year we pretty just did whatever happened every wk in the den/pack mtgs and went to a few of the pack-wide events).
  • I’ve been reading a lot more than I have in quite awhile. If you do GoodReads and are into that sort of thing, you can follow me … I just set it up to post reviews I think on my blog, so I still have *something* new occasionally appearing (hopefully doesn’t drive the few of you away 🙂 …)
  • VA Software Developers User Group – just recently got an idea in my head about wanting to start a users group primarily around software development within state agencies (and other state entities or probably anyone for that matter that’s interested). Probably won’t be specific to any platform since there’s quite a wide array of development. I wasn’t sure if there would be interest, but there sure seems to be.  When more arises, I’ll probably post about it here. I’m just as interested in the tech side of stuff as I am in the relational aspects (networking… whatever you want to call it) of getting to know others.