Goodbye Blogger … Hello WordPress

I like many others, really appreciate all that Google has to offer. After using it for awhile, I really am fond of Gmail (still have some gripes though)… Google Maps is better than everything else (but once again have some issues with searching for stuff sometimes), but the topic at-hand is Blogger.
I tried it out March 2004 (harmonc) but by September, was somehow not able to log back into it and post, and somehow managed to create a new one (harmons). Oh and I did give a try with a work-related blog using dasBlog that no longer exists… Mind you, it is usually once in a great while when I post (because no one reads this.. I know), so tonight I try to login to Blogger to post something… and once again, I can’t get to my blog anymore.

So – I’m done with Blogger. No more! I did tryout using Bloglines to blog since I have been using it to gather my feeds, but it didn’t give me a good feeling… so hello WordPress!

Updated 7/18/2007 – I imported my Blogger posts into this blog, and filtered out the tech-related ones…


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