visited a Berry Farm today with the Partingtons

they love sticking their faces in these cutouts
Originally uploaded by ccjjharmon.

We were invited by our friends from church, the Partingtons, to a local berry farm…. and had a great time! Check out all the pictures in Flickr by using the berry farm tag..

We are looking forward to them starting back up a Small Group next week… we had initially joined them for a marriage study group, but took a brief hiatus for the summer due to family vacations and the normal summer busy-iness.

Now to the sidebar… church. I find a good amount of people have differing views of it:

  1. I go, but don’t really feel a bond – usually because their family goes and they have to too
  2. I don’t go – why should I? I don’t “need” a church

I sure was in view #2 (well, we wanted to go for our daughter), until we found Grace Church in Bath, Ohio. Ah – spiritual teaching, personal connections, involvement with others… so many fond memories. But until we were connected there, it didn’t happen. What did it? A small group (they call them Real-Life Groups)…
We had bought a house (our realtor mentioned Grace Church) and found out that a family right down the street from us held a group at their house – so we started going. The members of the group welcomed us and we felt part of a new family – especially with all of them having their own families too. We got to know others in the group, who introduced us to others in the church. We found ourselves chatting away (especially me) before and after services, and soon whenever we were helping with any activities. We were truly part of the church. Then the growth began.

Since we moved out to Richmond, we have been attending the Richmond Grace Brethren Church. It’s not exactly the same (but they never are, are they?) and we are still getting connected. But I know part of it lies in starting relationships like what this family did for us this morning – by giving us a call and showing their interest and concern and LOVE. Sounds a lot like what Jesus showed.

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