Little mix of everything this time…

House search is on!

We are looking for buying a house in the area… currently are looking at this house but we are still looking… what should the house be like? Trying to get a 4 BRs, 2 BAs, with a decent yard (maybe a swingset and a shed), hopefully a living room and family room (to have people over), maybe a deck… at somewhere around $200k in Chesterfield somewhere (that house has that stuff plus a sun room, and an addt’l swingset and just feels cozy). Kind of hard for the area – prices are still a little high, but there are some…

Churches and blogs/websites

Something on my mind is to get involved with my church and their website … not sure in what way but this blog post fits how I have felt: Supercharging sermons with a blog … my last post was from a sermon. I see daily scripture feeds, but what I am more interested in getting (and maybe through this, in providing with someone being the guide) is some depth and understanding into the Word. Maybe a verse (or set of verses) and some explanation behind it… a mini-sermon I guess? I can’t get enough truth in my day – just seems to get too busy up until everyone is asleep and it’s just me (like right now). Guess I’d also to see more of the fellowship of the church shown online too – the small groups (like our group with the Partingtons), the kids programs (AWANA) that I help with and two of my kids go to on Wednesdays, and more that I know we aren’t even involved in or can make it to. A link to this too: Are you a good person?


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