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Showing off her coloring… but what a grin!
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Flickr Photos
Here’s one of them…. but more should be coming now that we bought enough batteries so I’m not always trying to recharge them (I bought Walmart off-brand rechargeables and can’t find anymore!).

Disciplining Children
I was talking to a gal I work with about her little boy and disciplining – they use the same so completely simple technique of 1, 2, 3 then timeout (well, there is a little more to it than that) but I’m amazed (and think Isa was too) that it worked most effectively, and even more amazing is that it seems many haven’t heard of such a concept. We learned about it at a Parenting class we took this Fall, and I hope to find time to post the info that stuck out for me from the class soon….

The guy (Dr. Phelan) who came up with it calls it 123 Magic and I’m sure he started this when my parents were raising me šŸ™‚ The videos we watched at the parenting class made us think of our parents when we were little!


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