Google Picasa

I think I am going to change out of Flickr and onto Google’s Picasa Web Albums… my web albums link is

Why? Primarily because I am not constrained to only showing the most recent 200 pictures and the same goes with Flickr sets (Picasa albums) – but both of these are only because I am using it non-paid (free). Go pay something like $20/yr and it would have what I want… but now that I am trying it, I really like using the Picasa client to manage my photos locally. Red eye reduction built-in (I usually open a really old version of Paint Shop Pro which I still like), one-click rotating, uploading integrated (along with updating instead of inserting photos online that I rotate/red-eye reduce on). It’s a good package.
However – Flickr was nicer in terms of tagging individual photos, searching not just on my albums but other albums (like seeing what others have online for Maymont Park). But I find it hard to believe that Google won’t make these changes too.

That and I hope my mother-in-law Faye might be able to look at these photos from her work (she’s a teacher) without them getting blocked 🙂


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