family flew on SkyBus today

Isa and 2/3rds of the kids just flew on SkyBus from Richmond to Columbus… for $10 a person (I believe they only do this for the first 10 seats per flight). Heck of a deal… She just called to say the flight was great – no issues or anything. She even said she was interviewed by a newspaper (I assume the Richmond Times-Dispatch?) about it.

Only gripe we had was when I booked the flight, I forgot to include our youngest (who’s under 2 years so she should be mostly free) when I booked her, and we couldn’t easily just add her (technically there is a $10 “administrative” fee for her) to the itinerary unless we paid a $40 change fee. Well, I said why not just bring our son along, and I will just add our youngest to his itinerary (which was cheaper than the change fee!). Oh well. They don’t have a 1-800 number to call – only an email address you can contact (which we did – they only pointed to the info about infants and that we can change it but it’s $40). Nevertheless, we will definitely use them more if they keep those prices (or anything lower than the rest of the airlines!).

Only issue is they only fly to/from various places to/from Columbus, OH. Luckily, they fly from Richmond. My family was going to Detroit, MI – so it’s a ~3 hour drive from Columbus. The rental car costs (~$80) more than the entire flight!

Oh there were also some costs for taking luggage – but it didn’t seem too costly (something like $5 for up to 2 checked baggage – which is what she took) considering the actual flight costs…



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