Picking blackberries!

I have just found a childhood activity all over again – picking blackberries! I took Minah and Jonathan recently to a free movie showing in a park in Henrico and while waiting in line for free popcorn and lemonade, we were talking to a guy and his kids (several years older than mine). They were eating a few blackberries, and gave one to Jonathan – he wasn’t too sure about such an odd fruit, and only picked a few of the little pieces off and ate it.

blackberries_jonathan.jpg blackberries_ava.jpg

BUT it got my mind thinking about them. Lo-and-behold when I was driving home one day, I noticed that only a few streets away there is a stretch of blackberries growing! The next weekend I take Jonathan on a mini road trip (just the two of us) and we go walk and pick a bunch of blackberries – eating some while picking. It was a blast and we didn’t really get hurt. The next day, I’m still all about getting more so I go by myself as Isa lays the kids down for sleep. In my brilliance, I recall that the prickers (or whatever you want to call the curved thorns covering the vines that have the blackberries) didn’t really get me that much when I went before so I casually stroll right into the blackberry bushes in shorts, t-shirt and sandals! Boy did I feel some pain! After taking my time, I was able to get quite a few (it’s a pretty big patch on a hill with a bunch of ways to get into it) without hurting too much.

I have gone several more times and the last time using a lot more planning – I wore my boots and a pair of jeans. Much easier when you are prepared 🙂

Above are some pictures of Ava and Jonathan enjoying eating a few for a snack.


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