Getting back home (Richmond)

So myself and the little gal made a little vacation and visited both sides of the family – in Ohio and Michigan. Mostly just hung out with family – we really didn’t have more than a few days in either place, but I did try to enjoy a NASCAR race or two with my father-in-law.

Saturday’s Busch race was great but the big Nextel Cup race on Sunday got rained out (when we were driving out it was dry! cmon NASCAR you might have been able to run it for a few hours!!) and I couldn’t stay long enough to catch it (they tried Monday but was rained out again – they did run Tuesday) – bummer.


I’m happy to be back. It’s funny when I was picking up the car in the parking lot and was talking to the bus driver, he commented that he always talks with people that are happy – to be getting away or happy now that they are coming back…

It was great to see family, especially my mother no matter how short the time was. I am quite sure my daughter really enjoyed being the only child on the trip and was truly in my opinion spoiled with attention. Really – just look at the pictures at her facial expressions!

Back to the topic of Richmond. Lately, I’ve been wondering how to be more connect with people locally that blog/write stuff online – and came back across the Richmond Virginia Blogs – I think I had seen this when I initially moved out here (and was looking for info about the area) but just lost track of it. I used to read a few local blogs, but got a little bored with the politics and other stuff and just didn’t find anything I clicked with… well, there’s a lot of local blogs to check out in there now! I had them add my two feeds into it – so for all those who got here from there, thanks for coming, welcome and hopefully you’ll find my stuff at least more than 20% worthwhile 🙂


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