New vision and mission for New Venture

Well, I missed the sermon but Steve mailed me the CD of it… and I finally got some some of waYne‘s worship songs on CD! Yeah the quality isn’t all that great, but I really don’t care – I can still plug it into the MP3 player….


Well, what is our purpose/mission statement right now?

OLD: Bring glory to God, make God happy by lovingly connecting the unconnected to Christ and together growing to become fully devoted followers to Him

that’s it but there’s not a problem with it but the issue is how we word it express it and come to understand it. It is going to be reshaped to:

NEW: Helping people discover a growing adventure with God

It’s a discovery process – and a growing thing. Perhaps a word that would come to your mind instead of the word adventure is relationship, but:

1. adventure is something that takes you where you haven’t been before! Isn’t that our walk with God – sometimes full of joy sometimes not… Steve took a few minutes for a church family that went West some 9000 miles – quite a story! A key point she made was trusting in God – if we trusted in Him he would make it through.

2. guys are attracted to an adventure – now this doesn’t mean women aren’t too, but women are more attracted to a relationship. 60%+ of churches are populated by women – why? Because their offerings appeal more to women. But studies have shown that if the father of a household is involved in the church, the children are much more likely to be involved. Want the stats (read more at and and one more here)?

  • both husband and wife involved in a church- 72% of children will also be involved
  • just dad involved – 55% of children will also be involved
  • just mom involved – 15% of children will also be involved

The goal of clearly showing that this is an adventure is to aim for the men.


Connecting with God — Loving God — Loving Others — Serving the World
mile markers
Steve likes the term “marker”, but waYne likes “mile post” – I will go with mile markers! Connecting with God Mile Marker #1 – keyword is worship – worshipping God, out of a life commitment to Jesus. This involves the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible and the plan for salvation.Loving God Mile Marker #2 – keyword is obedience – when we love what God loves, it brings forth obedience. Matthew 22 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. John If you love me, you will obey what I command. This involves:

  • understanding the church
  • loving lost people (“invest and invite” evangelism), and
  • financial responsibilities (and invitation to tithing)

Loving Others Mile Marker #3 – keyword is community – living in community with God brings out a desire to be in community with others. Doing life together! This involves:

  • daily quiet time,
  • daily Bible reading,
  • daily prayer, and
  • small groups (and invitation to join one)

Serving the World Mile Marker #4 – keyword is service – understanding how God has uniquely shaped us and committing ourselves to serving others and the world. How to “Be Jesus” to our world! This involves:

  • 5 S.H.A.P.E. assessments, and
  • a personal service profile.


Guys we have to be willing to do two things:

  1. Think big – we have to be willing to not just cover our bases – we need to be prepared for the future and what God will bring our way!
  2. Be sold out for Him – seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness. Put Him first and take up our own cross – whatever it takes to put Jesus in first place!

Are we game?


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