My interest in reading again….

It seems that some things I go in waves of interest with – reading books being one of them. As I get enthralled into a series and read book after book after book, the series eventually wears thin… and it’s pretty hard finding another series/novel that is as interesting.

Any which way, on the recent Ohio+Michigan vacation, I picked up a book I’d always meant to read (especially many years ago) – Dune. I’m on page 77 so far…

my little history of book intereststeenage years:

V.C. Andrews (I recall these being the first I read solely for enjoyment)

Asimov, Crichton, Clancy and some really odd war novels (my dad’s stock – we were living in Venezuela…)

Stephen King from the school’s library

college years: 

Terry Goodkind (friend got me into it, I tried some others fantasy series but none were as compelling)

after college:

James Patterson (my mother-in-law read them then gave them to me…)

random stuff from the library


I’m still reading a lot lately, with mostly every day reading a chapter from the Bible. We have read some through some in some small groups – like the marriage book “Love and Respect” (I blogged partially about it).

When we first moved out here we weren’t really too connected with many people and I really liked the stuff written about male friendships in a T.D. Jakes book “He-Motions”.

I was given a book by an interesting co-worker who really was into the ideals of this one book – “Atlas, Shrugged” (I blogged about it).

We have obtained quite a few books from family especially Christian ones on a wide variety of topics – but I haven’t actually read much of them yet… some I haven’t been able to really stay interested in the writing, and I just fall off and stop.

I really have to say though that all the novels I enjoy reading are kind of like passing sunsets – very interesting and breathtaking. Once I’ve read it, I really am not as interested in reading it again – I’ve tried and so far in my life, just can’t keep the interest. I’m fairly sure at some point this will change as I’m only a couple years shy of 30.

What I do look forward to are books and stuff covering the Bible – how to further understand the Word, and dig deeper in connecting it. When we bought out first Bible, Isa picked up the New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible and it’s just great for me. Much easier to read and follow than a King James, verse background and context, related verses.

We are both fairly young believers in Christ (around 3 years) and still have a lot to learn and understand. A big reason why I blog over sermons we have heard is digging into the Bible. A lot of that you simply do not just get by reading the Bible a few times…


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