school time!

Minah’s 1st day!It’s school time already! Boy did the summer go by too quickly again…

My oldest is going into Kindergarten at a new school and was just simply pumped about it! Here’s one of the pictures I took before we went to the bus stop. She says she really likes it so far 🙂

Fun times we hope for her. As I wrote in a comment on waYne’s blog about this same topic, it’s pretty scary when you think this is the first turning point to them not depending on you for things. At least we still have a long way to go before we fully lose them… and yes I know the time will be there before we know it 🙂

The word came to my mind on this when I wrote the comment – bittersweet. I don’t think it really conveys my feelings as well though – but if I could give you a formula for how I felt it would be:

  • 20% sadness (not being able to be there for and with her to depend on)
  • 30% uneasiness (what if no one is friendly with her? what if something happens?)
  • 50% happiness (meeting new friends, learning new things, seeing a new place)

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