stress and frustrations

I usually don’t use this blog as a diary of sorts – but I will tonight.

Lately, I’ve been frustrated/stressed out … about everything. Work has been rough with a recently completed project having a bunch of issues that we just haven’t been able to figure out (well one was figured out, but the second one isn’t resolved yet). This weekend I wanted to go somewhere and do something that we haven’t done before (like going to the beach or DC or I’m not sure – just something different). A bunch more things I’m not even going to elaborate on too. Really not much reasons to be stressed or frustrated over, but I was nevertheless.

This all came to a head this weekend and it boiled over. A few arguments. Quite a bit of silence. Finally my wife had a talk with me (angry because I was being angry) and was reminded again how blessed I am to have her to love me. REALLY. I probably would have easily stayed the same way for a week if not two or three.

I have been more relaxed and easy-going lately, except the past week or two. Got to love the valleys, don’t we? Oh and even afterwards, seems the stress/frustrations weren’t done – I was trying to paint our porch rails, and the paint can slipped out of my hand – getting paint over me, my clothes, the house wall, and the porch cement floor. Yeah – I’m pretty sure I just stood there for a minute steaming about it.

It’s funny – someone I work with said something to me on Friday (when we had briefly discussed dating days as opposed to being married) about aren’t you happy you’re married and don’t have any more rough times? I believe I laughed and said something about I frequently have rough times still 🙂 I wonder how much of it is due to me – probably more that I’d like to admit….


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