spiritual food

I found this post called “How to get the most out of a sermon” by Trey Morgan (I read about from a post from the Church for Men Florida blog) and it really fits with my recent post on teaching a man to fish. It’s all about how you can get the “most” out of a sermon…. and the#10 thing:

Expect a spiritual feast. Hopefully the preacher where you attend will have a table full of spiritual food. Hopefully he will present the bread of life. And hopefully you will eat a great spiritual meal. But you must apply it, study your Bible, pray during the week, get involved and dig deeper with others. If you can’t help feed yourself … then a church will never be able to “feed you.” Get your own spiritual fork, and learn to feed yourself some. Serve. Pray. Practically apply the Bible to your life everyday.


One response to “spiritual food

  1. Thanks for giving Church for Men a link on your blog.
    We appreciate it very much.

    [Anytime Mike – keep it up down there in Florida! I appreciate what you are doing, even if I am not there…]

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