reflections on a struggle

I’ve missed writing a bunch of stuff lately because I’ve felt it just wasn’t long enough to write a single entry on. But here it’s been and several things I really wanted to retain as much for me as anyone else, and I’ve lost it…. So here’s a short post!

I’ve just started Deuteronomy and have barely begun when it strikes me that there is a purpose in our struggling – the journey. Being given something “right now” is certainly no struggle and for me, certainly is less valued. But just as important is standing back and looking at the journey and the struggles and realizing the step changes and the support and guidance along the way.

One particular thing comes to mind that I had struggled with for years, but have progressed quite far in my journey over overcoming it. I’m not there, and probably only when I think I’m done will I find I’m not, but I realize I’ve been afraid to honestly look back over the struggle. I’m really concerned even the memory of those times will reignite the issue… because sometimes it has. Just wanted to get these thoughts out now, and hope that as I continue to read, I find some solace and wisdom in reflecting back on this journey and others.


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