the weekend

What a weekend. We had planned on getting together with another family Saturday, which got rescheduled. Instead, I thought maybe we should go check out the Shenandoah State Park and Skyline Drive. I looked it all up Friday night and figured we could go there first and have lunch somewhere along the way, then visit a Hot Air Balloon and Wine Festival a little further north. But after thinking about it a little more, I thought there must be something closer that could be fun too, and saw an airshow and the Midlothian Festival.

Well, we opted for the last one – and boy was I disappointed. Somewhere before leaving, a headache developed and held on through it. Most of the entire thing was a whole lot of tented booths, the usual foods, and only a handful of kid rides (with what appeared to be VERY long lines for). It was quite packed too. Way too many booths trying to give out way too much candy for my kids (what happened to snacks at least a little bit good for you? Someone please… it’s not as if Halloween isn’t right around the corner anyway). Needless to say not much enjoyment.

My headache went but in came a cold then fever then more. It only let him up Sunday when we got to the Carmike Theatre for church until we got back from after getting ice cream after the church’s Fall Fun Day at the Chesterfield Berry Far (really – I meant not five minutes after we got home I was completely feeling it all over again). Today is rest – making sure it is gone (I still feel it though…).

The worst part is when I get sick I am beyond grumpy and a bear to be around – I get all whiny and everything. Getting me up requires just about a kicking for me to move… but I’ll tell you – I sure am happy we didn’t try to drive up to Skyline Drive! THAT would have been one miserable trip 🙂


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