These ‘scattered thought’ posts

When I started blogging, my style was more-or-less “scattered thoughts” (which happened to be my blog title). I have since changed the blog title (and moved from Blogger to WordPress), but still find myself blogging in just about the same manner. Just today I was thinking how I probably should attempt to have some sort of theme or style to my writing… but wonder if anyone would care.

I think there are a few people who actually read my posts, so I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you care that my posts are more or less totally scattered on topic, or
  • Would you like me to try to have some sort of focus?
  • Has there been anything in particular that I’ve written that you would like more of (in particular comes to mind the posts about church messages)?

3 responses to “These ‘scattered thought’ posts

  1. Focus tends to be formulaic and boring. Keep it scattered.

  2. I concur – keep it scattered. I think that will actually help you write more, because it doesn’t have to be “about something”. I’ve stopped posting about just “God stuff” and now post about a wide range of stuff, of which my faith is one, but not the only one. By widening the focus, it helps me to write more, and helps me to write something every day.

  3. Thanks for commenting Chris and Jim.

    As this is my “general” blog (as opposed to the technical blog), I definitely agree and will continue to be scatter-brained on my writings. I must admit though that I can barely find anything to write about unless usually as a long-winded comment to something else online…

    But I still wonder when it comes to stuff that sometimes is done as a separate blog – like the technical stuff. Jim – you did this too – why?

    I’m contemplating starting writing on our family trees (genealogy) as a separate blog. I *could* just do it in here, but not really sure it makes sense as it really is such a specific intent… UPDATE: I decided to go with another separate blog….

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