The Testament

My wife picked up a book for me that I just finished (in something like 4 days) – it was that good. Called The Testament by John Grisham. She heard me talking about books and authors to someone, and recalled Grisham when she was at Goodwill and picked it up – the book was perfect. Totally didn’t expect the ending like it did though (but that’s never a bad thing). Makes me really want to go and visit somewhere I lived for a year when I was a kid – South America (to be specific Venezuela). Even more interesting is that I recently talked to my father (who occasionally has work down there – which is why I was there as a kid, and happens to be leaving to go down there in about a week or so) about the feasibility maybe in five or so years of visiting down there with my entire family. Further interesting is the fact that at our church, the pastor known as waYne has been to Venezuela with his wife.

Let me tell you though – I wonder (not wonder like those guys might be crazy, but wonder like I want to know more and/or go and do a short trip) about missionary work. I’ve talked to a guy that oversees African missions, but my heart isn’t there – it’s for South America. Looking around online right now, I see a Venezuela Lutheran Mission Partnership, but I’m not Lutheran (what that even be necessary? I don’t know). Another one for Mormon missionaries for the Venezuela Maracaibo Mission – but I’m not Mormon. Baptist Missions information too.

Maybe someday. There’s plenty I can do right here and now (see next post).


3 responses to “The Testament

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  2. Kristin and I had a wedding to attend up in Stamford, CT this weekend. On the drive back to Richmond we listened to the ‘The Testament’. It was excellent! Thanks for the recommendation.

    When you finish ‘Mere Christianity’ there are a couple of other really good books that have some meat to them (though not nearly has weighty as C.S. Lewis)… ‘Blue Like Jazz’ and ‘Velvet Elvis’. I’m not much of a reader, but these two were dandies!

  3. Chad – thanks for checking out my blog and in particular commenting! I’ve heard really good things about those books. I’ll take you up on those offers as soon as I’m done with Mere Christianity…. see ya tonight!

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