Way too much of my writing online here isn’t about what is really important to me – my family. Sometimes as a parent I am without words. When praying with my oldest daughter last night, she probably spent a solid minute thanking God for the snow during recess. How they were “catching it with their jackets”. How they got to “watch it fall”.

I hadn’t heard barely a peep about any snow other than a quick mention on the radio that there was a very light flurry (and I really didn’t even think that was around our area at all!). Kids wonder at the littlest things, don’t they? God – help me to be like a little child and always enjoy and marvel at the smallest things you provide in my life, like my kids always do.

BTW – even though we live in Richmond now, which barely ever gets some real snow accumulation, my oldest one has seen some serious snow. And she still marvelled at the very, very, very little of snow that she saw yesterday!


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