Chuck E Cheese and cameras

My father-in-law is in town for a few days. Every time my in-laws are visiting, they always want to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese – pretty usual stuff. But… have you ever noticed how many parents are there with cameras taking pictures of their kids? I didn’t really think about it much until last night, when I must have seen around five separate parents with a camera – and keep in mind, we’re talking about on a Tuesday night! The place was almost empty 🙂

Is it just me or is that a bit odd? Don’t get me wrong here – I’m usually one of those parents carrying a camera taking pictures of my kids almost everywhere, but only once at Chuck E Cheese. I guess I more like taking pictures at a park like Maymont or something…


3 responses to “Chuck E Cheese and cameras

  1. We are actually pretty terrible at taking consistent pictures of the kids “just being”, so maybe when it’s us going “someplace special” (which to the kids Chuck E Cheese is, even if it isn’t to adults) we remember to take our camera and take pictures. Once in a while I will snap something off with my cell phone but I am never that excited about the quality.

    I made a conscious decision some years ago to actually NOT take pictures during a lot of the classic times that other parents do – plays, school events, etc. The time they are doing what they are doing is so short that to me I would rather spend it burning the event into my memory banks than worrying about getting a good shot and then looking at the disappointing pictures later and not being able to remember the actual event very well (if that makes sense).

  2. My wife is more like that – She enjoys taking pictures no matter where we are at – including Chuck E Cheese. Our flickr account is full of these pictures that will never be sent to the printers. On the other hand I like to take pictures of us doing something worthy of sending to the printers. Besides outdoor pictures just come out better than indoor pics. But I do enjoy those pics of kids crying when Chuck E Cheese comes out.

  3. Jim – I so completely don’t want pictures of those events, especially because the pictures never seem to turn out well, either. I much rather like it when we are just playing around the house, or outside, or at a park or something. I like “action” shots – when they are just being themselves. I so also don’t like the family portrait pictures either… you see I know my memory just sucks and that’s why I want the pictures. For stuff like that, I wouldn’t mind videotaping – especially since I like to laugh at myself when my parents videotaped stuff when I was a kid.

    Eric – I’ve asked my wife to remember to bring the camera, but she never does 🙂 I might be better trying to trust my 6yr old with our older camera, since she *would* take it since she loves taking pictures.

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