Mere Christianity

Over the weekend I met with a guy from our [church] small group to talk about last night’s get-together (our “leader” was on vacation in Hawaii…. and we both were going to try to “wing it” without him). In the process, we talked about a whole bunch of different stuff including books. Out of it, he loaned me a copy of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

Great stuff. I think I might have to get a copy because there’s just no way I can remember all that stuff. The eloquence of his words and logic for laying out some critical “why” questions and then answering them is brilliant. I was thinking about all the individual stuff I’d like to write on here about what I’m reading in the book (and I may do so, but am wondering how other than just writing what he’s written because I’m not sure I could even attempt to distill it at all).

So I’m curious – have you read it? If so, what did you think? I’m really interested to know what some people who don’t believe this whole “Christianity thing” think about it too…


4 responses to “Mere Christianity

  1. I loved Mere Christianity. I love reading C.S. Lewis. I can’t read him quickly though. He writes simply but with tons of meaning behind the words. He’s very purposeful and deliberate. If I’m not careful I breeze through on the surface and miss the meat of what he is saying. Chapter 8 – The Great Sin – was a life changer for me. It was a real epiphany.

  2. My brother in law just bought it for me. I have been reading through a few other books and had it on the list to get. Since he got it for me I set aside the others and got to work on Mere Christianity. I very much agree with Chris on the above comments.
    I am still in the beginning of the book, but try to get to it as much as I can. I really look forward to finishing it.

  3. Hey Chris,

    I just read this a few weeks ago. Really enjoyed it and like you, I might have to get my own copy to remember everything. His description on how God deals with time has really stuck with me, especially since I can be impatient !

    I don’t have the book or my notes in front of me, but will probably comment more later when I do.

  4. Read it quite some time ago, loved it. Lots of good Lewis stuff to read, although I haven’t read much of it since high school (I read “Mere Christianity” within the last three or four years, though).

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