RELEVANT articles about the poor and the homeless

Another post I wrote linked to a RELEVANT Magazine article, which got me subscribed to their feed. A lot of great stuff.  I wanted to specifically link to two:

The Bless Me Philosophy

What if the Church decided to take back the responsibility of social relief from the government? What if entire congregations of able-bodied men and women took the place of organizations and government programming and actually “became” the hands and feet of Jesus? What if we began learning the holistic ministry of Christ, reaching people through the tangible and the spiritual? What if we were the first group to arrive and the last group to leave any area where there is pain, destruction and brokenness? What if the need for various programs and outreaches become non-existent because ministering to the poor and broken around us became as much a part of our daily life as eating, sleeping and breathing?

Some of what was written in this article was exactly why I went down to Monroe Park… noticing that there are clothes and jackets and shoes that I seriously haven’t used in over a year!
The Homeless Evangelist

I have no idea what I’m going to do from day to day. Some nights I’m sleeping on the streets with the homeless simply because I don’t want to leave, and other nights I’m sleeping on the floor inside a million dollar mansion trying to convey the compassion of Christ to a confused businessman I may have met on the streets. I just wake up and go wherever He leads me. Its like Mary told the servants at that party in Cana, “Whatever He tells you to do, DO IT”.

My best suggestion is just go. It’s the last command we got from Jesus. He will make very clear the path that you should take. Talk to a homeless person. Sleep in the cold one night you find yourself complaining. Do something impractical, uncomfortable. By all means, if your church has a community outreach, get involved, but don’t limit the compassion of Christ to a once a month paper bag feed. Stick around long enough to find out names, stories and needs. 

I don’t know what to say – but wow. Really listening to God and doing it. I don’t see how I can do exactly what he is doing (in particular since I have a family), but given whatever our situation is, I just love his suggest to “just go”. Open your eyes to God and follow what God is telling you to do. I’m not sure at all where He may be leading me but I’m going to try to just go and follow where He leads me. And next time, I’m bringing some friends from church and some stuff that others have (well, I should say hopefully still are making available since I haven’t picked it up yet!home) donated 🙂


3 responses to “RELEVANT articles about the poor and the homeless

  1. “I don’t see how I can do exactly what he is doing (in particular since I have a family)”

    Ah, Chris, NOW you’ve made an interesting statement and one I’m wrestling with too and may want to blog about. Maybe we start a synchroblog event and get a bunch of people writing about it, and that is this – are we excused from the Great Commission and Great Commandment because we have families? Are our families excused? I think this is THE trap of American suburban Christianity – the need to have our home lives and precious families secured away from “those people” we need to reach out to and help.

    And you know who convicts me the most on this? Erika, over at The Margins (, who with her husband and very small kids lives in So. Central LA as part of their commitment to being Christ in that very difficult community.

  2. I am going to abuse the fact you’re on my blogroll and ask you to promote an idea I’ve had for helping local charities – . Please read about it at I would appreciate it if you could help spread the word.

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