hard not to laugh

NOTE for my few regulars: I really have had very little interest and time in writing online lately. Day job has been just overwhelmingly busy (and not with work that a software guy would enjoy being overwhelmingly busy with) and my energy is mostly sapped for everything else. The problem is I have stuff that I need to do at night, so something has to give – and blogging has been it. Especially since that usually requires actual thought 🙂 Eh well.

[via Church for Men Florida]. Alright – I think now I’ve read about this guy Tim Hawkins from a few blogs, and I finally have checked his stuff out a bit. Really quite hilarious stuff. There’s a bunch of Youtube videos (here’s his youtube user page) with less quality – like these below – but really just go directly to his audio/video page to see them in full quality:

I’d really like to go see him at a show, but apparently the closest he will get to here in Richmond is Hampton in September…


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