valentine’s day

Didn’t think we’d be doing that much this year for Valentines’ Day… until getting home. I was requested to take the kids somewhere out to eat and let them play (hello Chik-fil-A!), but when we all got home, she said I had to deal with the kids – let them have their snack, get ready for bed, read the books, etc.

Turns out we had quite a nice night. Steak, potatoes, salad – the whole nine yards. Even wine and a candle-lit dinner (no the picture to the right wasn’t it – I wasn’t allowed to take a picture… but believe it was quite romantic) 🙂 We even finally took the opportunity to enjoy just talking in front of the fireplace too! Doesn’t happen much but sure was nice…

In case you were wondering, I did get her something last night (of course at the last moment… did you think I actually planned ahead? I know better than that!).

We did also have plans to go out with another couple tomorrow night, but it turns out that one is sick with the flu so we’ll probably just go and get some coffee and do something. I really don’t think we could top tonight.


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