not better than any of them

bill mary

That’s Bill and Mary. They’ve known each other for over 25 years. He’s no longer homeless but is still down in Monroe Park all the time – they’re “his people – he’s not better than any of them”. I’ve got say that I really enjoy going and talking with them more than anything else.

I asked about one guy in particular I talked to for awhile – Maurice. He was applying for a job (down in Chester – when I said where I lived is in Chesterfield he brought it up wondering if that was Chester) and was trying to find a place to rent. He apparently now has both! They said he occasionally is still down there – and that I keep on missing him…

On a related note: the Freedom House Respite Program is transferring hands this spring to the Daily Planet (read InRich article). The small group I’m in volunteered and served a dinner there…


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