3 things I like about my church

Apparently, I “seem happy about my church” so I expect this to be easy. Well…. what Jim wrote is right – I do really like my church. Here’s my three:

  1. a family – I’ve got to say we really don’t know that many people there, but we do know a bunch. No matter how close we seem to know people though, the feel of being around this community is just good. We haven’t felt this way since our church in Ohio. I don’t know how to describe it … but for us, we just knew. I also don’t get this feeling that we are some sort of country club – that others can’t join us. We’ve felt this frequently since moving out here to Virginia – that “Welcome to Virginia! Everyone’s friendly! This place is great! People are nice! But we’re busy so go find some other people to hang out with….”. A ‘come as you are’ attitude welcoming anyone. I don’t get a feeling at all that no matter how young or old or new in the faith or old in the faith really is a block to things – everyone is invited to not only come but to participate and join in.
  2. learning + growing – I’m not sure also how to explain this well, but I’m under this view that a church pastor as some sort of shepherd – a guide if you will for us in some ways. Not all ways – I don’t think we as believers should be completely spoon-fed really, but guided in some ways. Messages that guide us and help clarify some things (that’s why I occasionally write about them in here). A push for us to go deeper also – the small group concept really helps in this way. Encouraging activities where we can grow in our faith and learn – but inside what’s happening there but also outside (volunteering at the respite program, collecting items and giving and hanging out with the homeless, some getting fully-trained for a local pregnancy center, etc.) in the community.
  3. Not traditional church “culture” – the laid-back atmosphere but really this can be considered normal anymore now can’t it? But even more so – I can say that the t-shirts that we do don’t really push the church name, but the website (www.relaxedchurch.com). Sometimes it seems we’ve “pushed the envelope” that I’m quite sure other churches aren’t willing to go into — like hosting a Porn & Pancakes forum — that in particular is a really big struggle for a lot of guys – no matter if you want to admit it or not (unfortunately so many people and churches don’t want to admit this… and didn’t come). The core concepts are all still there (as they should be – like ‘lurving‘ and serving God and others) – but just without a whole lot of that other stuff that too many get all wrapped up with that a lot of times just doesn’t matter.

I could have mentioned some other stuff I really like too but consider them secondary….

    UPDATE: I initially didn’t think to call out anyone out and see if they wanted to join in this fun, but am reconsidering…


    6 responses to “3 things I like about my church

    1. Thanks, Chris!

      And you know what? I am really, really, REALLY happy that you and others have found a church that “just works” (not saying it’s not work). It’s a blessing. Recognize it and enjoy it, because it’s not as common as it should be. You guys are blessed to be in a church like that.

    2. We will Jim. You know I was just thinking about one time when we were visiting our house in Ohio (when we owned that house but had to live in a condo in Michigan for my work) and were talking to the couple who were house-sitting for us…. about churches.

      Up in Michigan, we never really found a church – and we had hopped around quite a bit. I recall talking with the guy about it, and he had said something to the effect that it is hard to find a church that fits for you, but it’s not impossible — pointing out that in all the places he’s lived (and it was a bunch), he has something like three or four around the country that he really loves to be at. It blew my mind at the time to think that I could ever find a church that was home for us like that one we had in Ohio (which is how we knew them – but that’s another story).

      I really like what you said in your post about church-shopping. I’m sure you’ve been at that church for a fair amount of time, right? Give us maybe five years and maybe our opinions will be a bit different…. 🙂

    3. Chris,

      Thanks for tagging me. Here’s my entry on the 3 things I like about my church:

    4. Hey Chris,

      I’ve been searching for a church home since the summer. I visited a few that seemed to place a priority on the music and others on extracurricular things (promoting an upcoming comedy night, guest speakers, etc.).

      For the past month or so, I’ve been attending a Baptist church in my area. What I really like about them is that the preaching of the Word is their central focus. That’s something I’ve really connected with. In that way, I feel like I may have found a home and am beginning to look at membership there and have met with one of the associate pastors. I like what you said about being “shepherded” and not “spoon-fed”. I really get that sense at this church.

      Thanks for this post !

    5. Joe – that’s great to hear!

      It sure seems like there are quite a few individuals not only around Richmond, but everywhere that are trying to find a church home…
      Do they have anything you can go to to learn a little more? Our church has a 101/201/301/401 series of “classes” to get to know their vision for the church… it really helps explain some things that you probably wouldn’t find out for awhile on your own.
      The small group that we are part of though really gives us a true sense of the church as we get to hear from others’ views about the church since they’ve been coming.

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