life after death

In my car there is a fuse blown or something. It doesn’t cause much issue, except that the display for the radio barely works – I can very barely tell what channel I’m on. This isn’t much of a problem because I change between two channels only. The problem this morning was that my wife drove the car last – and she never listens to those two channels and had it on some other channel. So I get to use the Seek button and randomly find my channels. Instead I found a different channel – a Christian radio channel but that plays “newer” music, which occasionally I enjoy. I caught on the way home this rapper – KJ-52. I can’t find the particular I heard online (and of course don’t remember the title… man I’m impressed I remember the artist’s name!!), so the closest I got was this:

Interestingly enough, that relates to the message from yesterday which I just uploaded the audio (found here) – it was BLING-onomic$ Part 4: Five Minutes After You Die.

So what exactly does happen after you die? Luke 16:19-31 tells a lot.

  1. You will be wide awake (luke 23:43)
  2. You will be filled with either tremendous gratitude or enormous regret (verses 22-24 and mark 8:36)
  3. You’ll reflect back to this life on this earth with crystal clear clarity

There was also a little segment for #2 over what hell is like:

  1. It’s a place of enormous discomfort (verse 24)
  2. It’s a place of memory (verse 25)
  3. It’s irreversible (verse 26)

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