their hearts are far from me…

“The Lord says: These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men.”

Isaiah 29:13

I think this really fits into the recent post about what I like about my church; except this would be something that I don’t like about church sometimes… Apparently this audio isn’t available from the church’s site anywhere – only Kamen has it! So go there and listen to it here (or directly at NewSpring Church’s resources page here). “We can fake it until we make it as Christians… but if the condition of our heart is not right it can prove fatal for our spirituality.”

He goes and strips out of the extra stuff of religion to just Jesus. Let’s not forget what really bothered Jesus – the Pharisees – the guys who had scripture memorized among many other things, but I believe the main thing – was their heart. They followed the innumerable rules, but didn’t follow God with their heart. Great stuff. Perry also has a blog here

UPDATE: Via Church for Men Florida – check this out about Why I Hate Religion… it completely relates.


2 responses to “their hearts are far from me…

  1. SB Says:

    Perry Noble needs to really listen closely to his own message. It sounds great in theory, but many times from what I have heard and seen from him this message is directly pointed back at him.

    I do agree that many in all churches, probably more than half do appear like Christians and teach and preach in Christ name, but the Lord will not them in the end….this is sad as they are hypocritical. However, the way of reaching these people needs to be done according to scripture not according to what man or men think they need to do to reach these lost…you cannot change the church into the world in order to attract the lost…it may seem to be working, but the end result will be a sham…there is way that seems right to man, but is not the way of God. The scripture has never changed nor has God changed or His ways. Just be very careful how you go about “doing church” and fabricating Christians….the most horrible thing is that the large numbers of people reported to be believing in these churches may be false….Christ has told us that the invitation has gone out to many, but only a few are chosen….the road is very narrow that leads to heaven, so stop trying to widen the road, because it will not work. If God wanted the road wide then He would have created the churches to be entertainment centers himself. The Jewish temple was turned into an entertainment center of sorts where they were selling items at such large profits and no telling what else, but Jesus could see through it and He turned it upside down. Jesus does not want His name trampled on in entertainment centers…He wants His heavenly Father to be honored not drug through the muck and mud of what the world thinks church needs to be.

    It is not about what you wear, or what you do sure, but Jesus has told us that we will know His people by the fruits of their labor….the good deeds as a result of your salvation produces a certain kind of life. You start not wanting to watch certain movies, cussing or smoking, go certain places, or dress in an immature way…Jesus will change how you think about so many things….the true authentic Christianity will change your life beyond this mess I see from Perry Noble and the other Emergent Churches. I am not speaking about slipping up from time to time and saying a cuss word…I am speaking of a lifestyle…you were going one direction and Jesus came inot your life and you turned and started going to other way….the only fish that swim with the stream are dead fish. So, if you are entertaining people into the church like the world entertains people into the movie theaters you need to really think twice about the method. Perry has a great opportunity to train many in how to live a life that will draw others to requires him to preach the entire word of God and focus on the entire body of Christ not just the lost. The Holy Spirit will take care of the lost…it is our job to share the gospel and step aside. It is our job to train further the saints into a deeper walk with Christ. We are preparing for heavenly living, not just to invite others to Christ. Our sole purpose on earth is the bring glory to God with our entire lives…we will not enter heaven and have God say to us “Oh, you are that great guy or gal that lead 250 people to my Son”….He will not say that. He is looking at the heart and will hopefully say to you, “Well done my good and faithful servant, enter the kingdom of heaven”. This “well done life” is one that honored God in what they said, how the acted, what they looked at, how they made it through certain tramas in their lives, how they lived in a way that was honoring and glorifying to God that drew others to Jesus, strived for holiness in their lives, and much more. It is not about how many people where lead to Jesus…the Holy Spirit does this work, we just need to live it out in front of people…they are watching.

    Finally, I understand the examples he uses about the Baptist ways and the gold stars and the crap that Baptist have put forth for many decades this includes Church of Christ, Methodist and many other evangelical churches….for 50 years they have done church in a boring unorthodox way. Christianity has been dead in the majority of churches for decades, but the Emergent Church has taken the correction of this waaaaay too far to the left now. Come back to the center of God’s word and share the gospel in a God honorng way, give to God what He ask without worrying about a legalistic figure of 10%, wear what you think would honor God without worrying about what others think (who cares anyway), sing that which honors God not man, get into the word of God on a daily basis studying, mediatating on it, pray fervently, get into a great bible teaching bible study group, and bring the church back to what it was in the beginning. STOP judging people based on what they wear including judging someone wearing a suit in church and thinking they are hiding something…judging goes both directions. Who cares what someone is wearing, driving or living in….look at what they do 7 days a week…the fruits of their labor will show you who or who’s they are. Yes, Lord, awaken us to your ways, your wisdom and your knowledge that already exist in the entire word of God.

    Pressing on in Christ,

  2. Scott – thanks for taking the time to comment (and in-depth like you did)! I think you must know a bit more about Perry than I do. I actually was passed on this message from another blogger-friend-type and we commented via email liking the core concepts he was talking about.

    Much of what you wrote I agree with. I however am not so bold as to point at the ways of pastors – it seems that (and I’m sure there was some biblical basis for it) pastors will be held up for a bit more scrutiny than ourselves as they hold sway over an entire flock.

    I can quite agree specifically with one thing you said “It is not about how many people where led to Jesus…the Holy Spirit does this work, we just need to live it out in front of people…they are watching.” Doing the little things that God seems to sometime whisper to us – do those things. I’ve read a bunch about this one guy out in Oregon who has a church-like thing going on downtown for the homeless. Something he said recently just clicks with me:

    Don’t move to Madagascar to save the lost. Don’t let your body be burned for the gospel (is “Gospel” supposed to be capitalized?). Don’t sell your house and car and stock portfolio to give to the poor. Don’t do anything spectacular. Do mostly nothing special for and with somebody that nobody else wants till you’re dead. Someone else will take it from there.

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