caring for the body of Christ

The missions strategy was laid out today at church. I won’t go into much of it but something struck me as very worthwhile and interesting: the dedication to new church planting. I want to point out that our church was planted less than three years ago, and here we are actually setting aside I think something like 5% of our income straight back to the organization which primarily started our church – Virginia Vision.

OK – I should state that I completely assume that new church plants make a difference. I’m fairly sure if I look around online I can find something that gives statistics or some quantitative analysis towards that assumption, but really it seems to me that much older churches serve important roles in the body of Christ – just different roles than a new church serve (that’s just me though). Irregardless what you might think about that, trying to reach out in new ways in the name of Jesus seems like a good thing. Yes I guess I do also assume that sometimes maybe a megachurch doesn’t serve the body as well as another church somewhere nearby. Anyway….

I wanted to specifically point out that our pastors pointed out about a new church that is going to launch (I believe) this upcoming Fall 2008 – the Area 10 Project. They will be launching a Christian Church in area 10 (I know it includes Carytown) of Richmond.

I recall that Chris Barras spoke sometime ago about it on a Sunday gathering. We played his video again, and then mentioned that we don’t only want to financially assist (which we are going to do), but also are requesting that everyone consistently pray for this church launch, and also consider how we can provide resources (I can only assume this would mean like greeters, kids program volunteers, sound/media/worship people, getting out the word, etc.) to assist them before, during and after the launch. Steve even went to the point of saying that if anyone felt “called to” at that time to fully join that church, then to do it. Want to find out more – go the Area 10 Project Blog.

This just hit me as something else that I was tempted to write about with regards the 3 things I like about my church. A concern for the body of Christ – I don’t mean a lack of concern for our own church, but a concern for the bigger body we are all part of. I definitely don’t always get that vibe in the body of Christ – actually seems that more are concerned with their church to the point of it feeling more like their “club” than the body of Jesus Christ, open to EVERYONE…


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