Ukrop’s Golden Gift program


Ukrop’s has a really nifty charity program right now called the Golden Gift Program. Heard about it? They collect points for your shopping between Feb 4 and March 29 and the charity can receive a portion of the $400,000 they have set aside for charities. There’s nothing you have to do if you already shop at Ukrop’s (that is of course assumes you have a UVC card with them).

If you shop at Ukrop’s, do you know which charity you’ll donate your points to? There’s a lot of charities registered (search for them here). If you don’t know of any in particular, and care for me to recommend one, I will:

Peace In The Home – it’s a family ministry/organization that is dedicated to strengthening marriages and families. To find out more about Peace In The Home, check out the web site. If you would be interested, drop me a line (email/comment) and I can remind you in April as the time approaches…


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