Church at the Byrd Theatre


Did you know there’s going to be a church this fall at the Byrd Theatre? Yes really – the Area 10 Church. Check it out @ the Area 10 Project blog. September 21st ’08!



DID YA KNOW: that the Byrd Theatre was named after the founder of Richmond – William Byrd? Apparently they had a tour back on January 10th. The picture shown to the right is actually William Byrd I, but the one who founded Richmond was his son William Byrd II, so he probably looked pretty similar…


4 responses to “Church at the Byrd Theatre

  1. Wondering when they are going to have another tour at The Byrd Theatre or if there going to have anymore.

  2. I think its great they are having church at the Byrd. Just wondering the time of the services on Sunday mornings there?

  3. I think its great they a bringing church services to the Byrd Movie theatre on Sundays!!! I think that would be a great place to have a church service and meet new people!!!
    Mike Jones

  4. I have really enjoyed going to church at the Byrd. It is awesome to go there and hear the band and hear the great sermon from the minister.

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