I will not forsake them

Went down Saturday with a bunch of people that also happen to go to our church. Met some new homies (I’ll call the homeless that, like Church for Men Florida) too. I didn’t get a lot of pictures like I had intended – these two photos were right when we started serving food and had pulled out all of our stuff to give out. Right afterwards, I went to find my friends Mary and Bill – they weren’t there though. That’s alright because I got to talk with Michael. He’s in his 50s and just got down laying brick for 72 hours. There goes the thought that all homies don’t work… His fists were all swollen because he was defending someone else.



Our church had picked up for us a case of Bibles to distribute – they were gone in what I was told no time at all. We also slipped in some of these homeless resources fliers and had highlighted these verses because there is hope – God will not forsake them:

The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst. I, the LORD, will answer them Myself, as the God of Israel I will not forsake them.

Isaiah 41:17

There were two other churches there as well – and we talked with them a bit. One mentioned another church that might be able to provided buses for us to pickup some people and take them to church. Another church is involved in what they call shoebox ministries. We’re going to try to find out more about that – like possibly ‘coordinating’ efforts: they say they go a certain Saturday of every month, so maybe we could plan on going on a different Saturday every month. We’ll see.

I wondered aloud to my small group last night over getting rides to church on Sunday and what about actually doing something like church directly at the Park… some of us weren’t sure if the Bibles would be taken or not and boy were we wrong. I’ll have to ask some of our friends down there what they think – if having some sort of message spoken and discussed directly down at the Park would be looked upon positively or not. Anyone done this or have thoughts? I have some concerns but am not sure.


One response to “I will not forsake them

  1. Praise God that you and reaching out to the least of these. God will honor your heart! Keep up the great Kindgom work.

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