plate is getting full

Haven’t felt like posting in awhile. I feel like I’m getting a little too overwhelmed with some things right now. Too much on the plate. Hard part is that I’m not sure if it will get done if I don’t and that I can’t let these others down. I totally know what is really important and what isn’t though… and the blogging is definitely not staying for right now. Probably comments on posts I like as well (but I’ll be reading them and starring if I think I might comment later on!).

Got to admit though that it’s probably getting to me more since the family is away for the week visiting family in Michigan (and I really couldn’t take off right now from work). This leaves me alone and by default I tend to overload myself (one of those lovely habits that only get ‘indulged’ when the family is away)… and that probably alone is the issue.


2 responses to “plate is getting full

  1. Life is juggling balls. You just have to remember which balls are made of rubber and you can let them bounce and which are made of glass.

    Ain’t that the truth, Chris?

  2. Chris,

    Join the crowd of cutting crap out of our lives club.

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