journey of a lifetime

OK. This may not be for you. This may take you down a path you don’t want. But if you wonder about “religion”, about “church”, then you may want to check this out. But if you start reading this, FINISH it. SERIOUSLY. Don’t stop part-way through. You will really do yourself a disservice.

NOTE: I haven’t let God make this real in me. I just finished reading this tonight.

Click the book below to read the entire thing in PDF format … or order it.

So you don’t want to go to church anymore

“If we could control God, he’d turn out like us. Wouldn’t it be better to let him have his way with us so we become like him?”

“The hardest thing you’ll learn in this journey is to give up the illusion of controlling your own life or that you can manipulate God to bless you.”

“What I hope you’ll do is simply let God connect you with those brothers and sisters he wants you to walk with for now.”

“The church thrives where people are focused on Jesus, not where they are focused on church.”

You are the church. Don’t be afraid to live in that reality.”

“This life can’t be all sewn up neatly in the intellect; it must be uncovered in the journey.”

“No institutional arrangement will ever contain all that the church is. Don’t look for it institutionally; look for it relationally.”

“Jesus saw the church as a reality, not an assignment for his followers to construct.”

Real community is not something we fabricate by any means. It is a gift God gives.”

“That’s all Jesus every wanted – one flock drawn to him alone, and each helping lighten the load of others they find going the same direction as they are.”

Tip of the hat to Jim (and Tina)…


5 responses to “journey of a lifetime

  1. Uh oh! The meme spreads! :o)

    And yes, now the thing is letting God make it real in us. But remember, no programs! We must let Him do it. I am praying hard that I will recognize the opportunities He gives me.

    Wasn’t it just a wonderful, wonderful book?

  2. Chris,

    This is an outstanding book. I loved it. VERY challenging to me personally, as I attend a large church that is feeling more and more institutional like to me.

    Thanks for posting this.

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