Is a name of an outreach for women and children in the sex trade in Bangkok (Thailand).

Alright as a guy, it really almost seems a bit selfish to dwell so much on struggles we go through when it comes to the epidemic of pornography or (getting deeper) strip clubs or (still deeper) prostitution, but what about the other side of the coin? (kind of like XXX Church who reach out to those in the porn industry…)

This isn’t just spreading and showing the love and hope and freedom of Jesus Christ to them, but also educating them in something else that they can do to earn a livelihood from: jewelry (I believe this may only be one such vocations… there may be more I’m not aware of). But hey if you might be in need of a gift, check it out – this stuff really looks great. Not only women’s items – they even got guy stuff. Check out the catalog.

Thanks for passing this on Kristin!


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