pianos and something deeper

Last night we got this piano (it was posted on FreeCycle – yes it is awesome). We still really don’t know that many around here to ask to help (we know some but not all I can ask because of back issues, and one friend did come and help the unload – thanks R!), but I did ask around at church and got someone who actually happened to be able to provide the transportation. I was going to get one of our pastors (Steve) but he had small group last night. He did however throw out a few names of guys I *know* but don’t really know well. They totally hooked it up (if any of you happen across this, THANKS AGAIN R, T and C!).

But what was really great was the chance to get to know some of the guys a bit more, outside the normal situations on Sunday. I can’t say I really got to talk with them that much, but the guy who I picked up we talked quite a bit, about all sorts of topics. That was great.

Fellowship? Maybe not really. But a start to hopefully something deeper than surface relationships. Funny how things can start with odd little things like moving a piano…


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