deep and wide

My youngest daughter really loves to sing that song… you know how it goes “Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide!”. Let me tell ya – she really loves that song. WIll just burst out screaming it sometimes too…

I just read a recent RELEVANT MAG article called ‘Leaving the Tidal Pool’ that I really liked. Go read it but here’s the ending:

Life is not about being set aside or stuck swimming in a holding tank until we can be released into the ocean as it should be. It is about swimming the ocean we have.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with the tidal pool. We can learn a lot and grow in there, but there’s a whole world out there beyond the pool! Maybe we are to study and learn as ‘little ones’ in our tidal pool and when we are ready, to venture out. But I wonder if too many times we choose not to go out of their tidal pool because we want to feel ‘safe’ or something.

Then I came across this Youtube video [HT – Church for Men Florida]:

It’s not about just going to church on Sunday and doing the “status-quo”! And the good thing for us is that we can have this personal relationship with God – and even with all of our screw-ups and weaknesses we can do all kinds of things in this ocean (but there’s the thing – I don’t think it’s us that are doing it – it’s God and he gave us a part of His work)! Because between you and me, I’m really sure I can’t get very far in that ocean especially considering how really deep and how really wide it is … but with God? I can’t even imagine.


One response to “deep and wide

  1. Awesome post! I’m totally with you. Just found your blog and love it.

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