your sphere

Very interesting thoughts occur when you read Inside the Monkeysphere. I believe I saw someone’s work showing how people are connected with each other – a kind-of visual mapping of our “monkeyspheres”. It is interesting in that a lot of social web apps (e.g. linkedin) implement something like this, isn’t it? And how a lot of people enjoy mapping cyberspace as well…

Sounds like really good reasoning why some people behave in certain ways – what particularly jumps out in my mind is how people can treat the homeless (or the guys who pickup the trash or fill-in-the-blank) as nobodies.

This is a big reason why I couldn’t fathom (well at this time I guess I can’t say forever) being part of a big church. Ours is something like 150 people (not that I know that many, maybe 30 or so with what’s probably 10-15 decently well). I couldn’t imagine being a pastor, especially in remembering 150 (much less a lot more than that) – but I believe one of our pastors keeps notes to help him. Yeah I do that too.


2 responses to “your sphere

  1. Chris,

    Glad you read the essay (and weren’t offended :o). And I, too, can’t imagine “fellowship” in a big church for precisely the reasons given in the essay.

  2. Not offended about that one, but this one sure might get some riled up 🙂 I’m still not sure if it’s meant to be humor or not!

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