duckpin bowling

babe ruth duckpin bowling

Had a ball with some guys from our church small group.

We went and got some wings at a place called Planet Wings that was more like a McDonalds being a fast food joint. But hey we could talk and not have to yell over the sports TVs everywhere.

Then we went and played some duckpin bowling. Don’t ask about the smell before you entered the place…. I really don’t know. Haven’t heard about duckpin bowling? You apparently aren’t on the East-coast (funny thing is that I think I actually had played this visiting relatives up in New Hampshire years ago!)

Imagine a much smaller bowling ball where you don’t have to stick your fingers into – you just hold the ball. Yes – if you’re thinking you bet you can really launch that thing – you’re right! But apparently there’s a NO LIFTING rule (I guess that means no over-hand throws). OH and there’s 3 throws for each frame so you get an extra one! Like an added bonus! But it’s still only a spare if you get all down on the 2nd throw…

Towards the end, one of us even got sick. Got to have that to have a good time out with the guys, right? Well, maybe not.


2 responses to “duckpin bowling

  1. You must have gone to Southside Plaza. Used to go there with friends sometimes. I’m not old enough to say this myself, but apparently Southside Plaza bowl appears to be stuck a few decades behind us. My Mom has been there as well and she commented on it’s authenticity. Funny thing is, I don’t think they modeled it to look that way though, I think it’s been that way since the 60’s.

  2. You know the area well Kamen… Yeah its look may be a bit dated, but hey – who makes new bowling alleys anymore? Authentic is right….

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