social ministry

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you may have seen an interest in the homeless. Most of this interest has been made real at Monroe Park, but I’ve occasionally wondered if we would be better serving in other ways. Why?

  1. Well, there’s a fair (or at least mostly steady) collection of churches doing this same thing down at Monroe Park. Every time we’ve been out there, there’s been another church as well. Up until right now, I’ve been wondering if there would be some value in trying to setup some loose ‘network’ of such churches so we could collectively know about each others’ plans and dates for going down to Monroe Park. I still think were would be value in that, but ….
  2. Over lunch today I talked to someone from Homeward about a bunch of different things relating to this. Her point (and Homeward’s) is to focus on housing and getting services available. What we’re doing is serving needs for the day – but not so much beyond. What is? Well, I guess it would serve to read their 10 yr plan to end homelessness in Richmond. Don’t get me wrong – the reason why we started this is our concern for the needs of the day and since it sure seems like we all have a lot that we can most easily share with those in need – like clothing, toiletries, backpacks/bags and food. We may still continue this no matter what.
  3. As part of #1, there are people in need around here (Chesterfield) that we are concerned about as well. Another small group found I believe a few families in our area in need and specifically reached out to certain needs for them.

So when I was talking with this person from Homeward, she asked if I had heard about CCHASM (Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Alliance for Social Ministry). I hadn’t. So what do they do?

CCHASM is a faith-based, non-profit, tax-exempt, interfaith coalition working cooperatively with government and community agencies to care for the emergency needs of the citizens of Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights, Virginia.

So it sounds like it may be a really great fit, but we’ll see. I haven’t contacted them yet… this is still just an idea. And a pretty different direction. We’ll see.


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