richmond blogger summit

[NOTE 2: It’s been scheduled != June 14th 5:30 PM @ Cous Cous … check it]

[NOTE: I am totally wrong about this… check out the comments. But we still should have a get-together! Let’s all pester Ross…]

Richmond Blogger Summit @ Gallery5!What timing… I had just met with Joey end of last week to talk about some stuff he has going on and we talked about how it would be awesome to meet with at least one other blogger guy in the area. I’ve also briefly mentioned about hanging out with another blogger guy who lives a bit south of me… and then I decide to go out and search around online on if anyone else has thought about it. Apparently they have:

Meetup 2k6 May 20th at Gallery5 [but isn’t it 2008?]

I almost get the feeling like this must be from 2007, since when I searched around, I found a lot about a blogger summit a year ago…

So who’s coming to this little shindig? Kamen? Chris? Joey? Mr. Tobacco Ave? I’m concerned I might have my daughter’s softball game that night (Tuesday), which I probably wouldn’t be willing to miss, but we’ll see… sometimes the game is on Wednesday.

The real question is – how would we know who’s who? Would we wear nametags that have our blog(s) on it or something? I can’t imagine trying to scribble something like ‘awkward things i say to girls’ and your name on one of those stickers… or maybe not.


10 responses to “richmond blogger summit

  1. Chris,

    I just met with Joey this morning. We had so much to talk about we will be meeting up again on Thursday to further discuss. Small world…or at least it’s a small city.

  2. Isn’t it? Would you be interested in coming to this ‘summit’? I’ll know tonight if I can make it or not…

  3. Why yes. I think I probably will be at this event. Thanks for bringing it to light!

  4. I think that the event linked above took place 2 years ago (aka 2k6). We had that one at Gallery5 and then another at that Mexican restaurant at Lombardy and Main. It was better to meet somewhere with food… It was fun to meet the people behind the words, and it was a in interestingly diverse crowd of political bloggers, food writers, that awkward guy, and others.

    It is about time for another general bloggy meet-up, though. Contact the fine folks at RVA Blogs ( and pester them to set something up.

  5. Ack! No pestering!

    I’d be into having another meetup for sure. Maaaaybe we can meet at Cous Cous, which is RVANews’s patron.

    But fyi, if you show up on May 20th there certainly won’t be anyone there. Also, Amanda from Gallery5 might look at you funny.

  6. Now I see why I got this confused with this year – the rvablogs site was apparently hacked and I bet this page’s date now says 2008. Am I right Ross?

    Guess we can think of it as a really late April Fool’s joke? Maybe not…

    Alright so how do I go about and pester you to set this thing up Ross?

  7. This is very weird because I was just thinking about this the other day…… seriously! Even mentioned it to my wife, who was not as interested as me, but it’s because I am a dork/geek and a blogger…… maybe those words both mean the same thing…….

  8. All that was supposed to say “I’m In!”

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  10. tobaccoavenue

    Maybe we could do it Eyes Wide Shut-style, and instead of nametags wear extremely freaky masks.

    Oh, and do all that other stuff they did in the movie, too. Talk about a real get-to-know-one-another event. Just make sure I’m nowhere near Paul Hammond.

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