Mother’s Day plans

You do know it’s this weekend, RIGHT?

[H/T Church for Men Florida]

So what are you going to do for your mother? Hopefully not sing a song like Mr. T…

And if you’re married and have kids, you sure better be not forgetting your wife…. what are you going to do for her?

[H/T Church for Men Florida]

I’m not sure yet myself what I will do, but I know I better start get cracking on the planning! It will probably be flowers for my mother, but maybe something else. For my wife, I will probably try to cook up a good dinner… I’d say great but I’m not just a great cook (anyone care to impart any ideas for how to cook a good steak and potatoes? It’s already been clearly requested). The good thing is that I know where to pickup takeout in case I screw it up.

I’d like to have the kids make something for my wife and their grandmother and possibly if time permits their great-grandmother, but I’m not sure what yet. Looking around, I like some of these ideas:

We’ll see what the little ones think though.


2 responses to “Mother’s Day plans

  1. Hey Chris,

    I’m not a great cook either, and most everything I’ve learned has been from my wife. Having said that, I’d vote for grilling the steak and roasting the potatoes…even that’s tough for me to screw up 🙂

  2. Yeah no – I’m well and qualified for screwing that up as well 🙂 Seriously. I wasn’t joking about the backup plan of takeout….

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