We live in Chesterfield right outside Richmond, Virginia. Allergies don’t get to me that much, but it’s barrelling over my wife this year. She had heard that Richmond is the worst place to live for allergies… which is almost correct. Apparently we are #2, at least for 2006 according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America:

2006 Asthma Capitals - \

Interestingly enough, places we have lived where also in the top 10, including [#10] Detroit and [#6] Cleveland (well, technically we lived in Akron but it’s not on the list but #14 Canton is and that are just south of Akron so it has to be somewhere around there).

Even worse – apparently this is a banner bad year for mold and pollen in our area… ah the joys. At least the temperature is great!

How goes it in your neck of the woods?


One response to “allergies

  1. My spring allergies have been remarkably mild this year but our 12 year old is miserable right now. Neither Claritin nor Zyrtec are helping her.

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