My life has been a bit up and down spiritually for a few years, and I don’t think that’s all bad. Realistically – we all will have that for the most part. It seems as of late, the swings aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be as I hope I’m rolling with some things a bit better than I have in the past (but this is definitely not ALWAYS the case). So…

When an opportunity arose to be part of something that will get together a bunch of guys as a group to work together on growth, it sounded interesting to say the least. Now I know that you could consider any small group to be in some way a sort of group oriented around growth, but the idea here is to specifically organize it with the clear intent of growth. What do I mean? Here are the keys:

  • Prayer
  • Confession
  • Read
  • Solitude

The idea is for each of us to work on these individually, and as group when we get together, to talk about them. How’s prayer life been? What stuff have we done (you know… sin) that we need to “come clean” about not only to God but the group (see note below on this)? In my reading, what stood out to me and/or learned? In taking time to just stop thinking and be still with God, what have I heard – where do I feel him leading me?

Think of an accountability group – it won’t be easy (especially to start) and it will take time, but the goal is to develop spiritual discipline/fitness. No matter where you might be in your spiritual walk (being a follower of 30 years or like myself of only a few years), everyone can share where they are and help each other out in a group like this.

note about confession: I don’t think the goal is to confess our sins to the group instead of God, but to confess our sins to God and the group. The accountability of a group of guys can and should be in play for this – we can “dig” into each other to do what sometimes we won’t do for ourself. Let’s not be concealing but make them known and receive mercy

You’ve probably heard the iron sharpens iron verse, right? I *might* blog more about this here, but just as possible that I might not make this public, or it might make more sense to startup a separate blog just for this… we’ll see.


4 responses to “growth

  1. Very interesting…i’ve looked for a true accountabilty group for some time now, but usually it’s a bunch of guys that will never drop the mask they wear.

    I’d love to learn more

  2. Definitely Chris. I’m not sure how it will go, nor the time of the week (I know one thing – it will be @ night). Let me write some more about it here… but hey, if you really like it, I can give you a call (or even better – get together and actually meet you) to talk about it some more…

    When we (being the other people who will be facilitating these growth groups) talked about this with our pastor, the other guy leading the group mentioned that probably the toughest part of this group will be taking off our masks in the group. But when they are off, there will be a freedom in opening up and laying these things out to each other that we don’t share.

    I’m not sure how many people we will have part of the group, nor the time it will end up being coordinated for, but it’s open to you if you’d like…

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