A Personal Testimony

On Saturday, my neighborhood had a community yard sale. This time we didn’t join in all the fun, but did visit a neighbor (who happened to have “kids” our age with kids that happen to go to the same church preschool as two of my kids… which is the primary reason I went over to visit – my youngest kept on saying she wanted to go over and play since she could see one of the kids) as they were wrapping up.

In an old bin, I saw quite a pile of old books (one was dated from 1914 I think). Yeah maybe not that old, but still pretty old. I believe there were 2 arithmetic books, and the rest were music books. I snagged a handful, but unfortunately only one that was piano sheet music, and it doesn’t even have the front and back cover! Looking through it tonight, I noticed a page that had this “A Personal Testimony” that I thought was interesting.

A Personal Testimony

I was standing at a Bank counter in Liverpool, waiting for a clerk to come; I picked up a pen and began to print on a blotter in large letters, two words, which had gripped me like a vice: “PRAY THROUGH.” I kept talking to a friend and printing until I had the big blotter filled from top to bottom with a column. I transacted my business and went away. The next day my friend came to see me, and said he had a striking story to tell me. A business man came in the bank soon after we had gone. He had grown discouraged with business troubles. He started to transact some business with the same clerk over that blotter, when his eye caught the long column of “PRAY THROUGH.” He asked who wrote those words, and when he was told exclaimed: “That is the very message I needed. I will pray through. I have tried to worry through in my own strength, and have merely mentioned my troubles to God, now I am going to pray the situation through until I get light.”

What’s a blotter, anyway? I Google’d around, and apparently this book was scanned in – and is apparently called Alexander’s Gospel Songs (1908) by Charles Alexander…


One response to “A Personal Testimony

  1. A blotter was a large absorbent pad that covered a desktop and absorbed Ink bleed-throughs and spills (think fountain pens, ball point pens were not invented until WWII). Hence, it “blots” up ink. c.f., http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&rh=n%3A1069538&page=1

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