do not interfere with God

READING: 2 Chronicles 35

Imagine this. You’re 8 years old and become King of Judah. Your father and your grandfather both both did all kinds of evil stuff, but hey you’re only 8, so I doubt you really know that. You’re great-grandfather well he was different, but you probably don’t hear about him that much… but out of seemingly nowhere, you decide to follow the God of your ancestors and not what your father and grandfather did. You actually go about destroying all that they worshipped, probably because some have told you how it used to be many years ago. Then one day your high priest comes along and says he found the Book of the Law! Boy you didn’t have any idea! You reform the land, putting back in place all that was intended, and the people follow. All is good!

Then one day you find the King from one side traveling through your land. You probably don’t have a clue what’s going on, so you go over ready to fight, just in case. And he says, “What do we have against each other, O King of Judah? I haven’t come to fight against you but against the country with whom I’m at war. God commanded me to hurry, so don’t get in my way; you’ll only interfere with God, who is on my side in this, and he’ll destroy you.” Hmm. You’re not really sure about that. And hey he doesn’t even believe in our God, so how could he be part of God’s larger plan? So you decide that – we are going to battle. And then you up and get shot by an arrow and die.

Maybe God can speak through others (even to believers), even if they don’t know Him.


One response to “do not interfere with God

  1. Hey Chris,

    Good thoughts on this chapter. It’s nice to hear we’re reading this together. The reading plan I’m in now is up to Isaiah but goes back to 2nd Chronicles after a few chapters of Isaiah. I’m sure we’ll continue to compare notes…

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