do you live down by the river?

I met two guys today named Steve and Jerry. Jerry calls Steve ‘Bawana’ (Jerry said that’s because he can live anywhere; and that it is Swahili; apparently it also is an address of respect) – he’s the guy in the second picture with the brown hat on. Steve calls Jerry ‘Captain’. They both help each other out and usually live by the James River. I was curious if you could eat the fish – they said some people say maybe one fish a week, but neither of them do; Jerry who used to be a fisherman said he’s definitely eaten fish and would definitely not eat from these waters.

Someone also mentioned that CARITAS is reducing … one more facility won’t be available. Last time we were out at Monroe Park, another person mentioned this before… sure seems like maybe I should contact them and see how one (or a handful) can help the organization out other than offering a facility (which we don’t have) for nightly shelter.

[UPDATE: I emailed and received a response from CARITAS staff. He said there are definitely opportunities in assisting a host church in all their work, or one-time projects at one of their facilities. I asked for more information about what host churches are near us and what these one-time projects might be. He did include with his email some idea of what could be involved in assisting a host church:

  • Make and serve an evening meal for 40
  • Make bagged lunches for 40
  • Provide travel to and from showers
  • Provide travel to and from a laundromat or wash guest’s laundry at home
  • Provide personal care packets (travel sized shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.).
  • Serve as overnight volunteers
  • Provide snacks as they await transportation for overnight accommodation
  • Help with unloading or loading of cots and sleeping materials on Saturdays



2 responses to “do you live down by the river?

  1. Good pictures. Maybe we could help one of the few churches who are still doing outreach in some way.

  2. Sorry I wasn’t able to join you all this time, it looks like you had a beautiful day for it. Great job! I would like to get a group of kids involved in helping with CARITAS, if you hear of any opportunities for them to serve please let me know. Thanks!

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