growth, II

I had written before about this growth group thing that is starting up. So far it is just myself and another guy really, but I have hope that there will be some other guys that may join up at some point (as things change and time opens up).

So what has it been? A whole lot of getting to know each other, things happening in our lives, things that have happened in our lives. Laying some tough stuff out there on the table and being real and open about it. Issues all guys struggle with. I initially wasn’t very sure if in this group we would be as personal, but like the other guy in the group pointed out, without some deeper understanding and relationship with each other, it’s going to be hard (if not impossible) to be there for each other. Here’s where I am, and what has past. How about you? After this, we will move onto growth.

We’ve talked a little bit about books, in particular several by C.S. Lewis. He’s even graciously provided a comprehensive set of his books for me to read then pass on (connect with me if you’d be interested in ‘Out of the Silent Planet’ – part one of his sci-fi trilogy). Oh and if you’re into books and the whole social web, then check me out on GoodReads to see what other books I’ve read, am reading, or plan to read. As part of the growth group, the idea is to as a group pick a book to read and discuss every week – since it’s just two I’m not really going to push for this yet. But we did talk about some possibilities – and he mentioned the author Ted Roberts who of course has a blog. He apparently has a ministry called Pure Desire whose purpose is to be:

devoted to healing men and women who have become addicted to sexual behaviors harmful to their social, family and spiritual well being. By supporting local churches, PDMI is setting men and women free, so they can walk in the saving Grace of the Lord.

I’ve written a bit before on the topic of pornography but that is just scratching the surface of the issue of lust. Daring topic – we’ll see if we get to it, but a serious one for every guy…


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