new Carytown kids playplace … and coffee!

We don’t live in Carytown or even near it, but it’s awesome to see this place about to startup! I remember talking with him about this months ago….

Cartwheels and Coffee

It will be just a few buildings down from the Byrd Theatre on Cary St (I believe at the intersection with Colonial Ave): 2820 W. Cary Street

Read more about it @ The Area 10 Project


2 responses to “new Carytown kids playplace … and coffee!

  1. Yo – Master C … I was passing & stopped to peruse. Once, again I am struck by the sincerity of sentiment. You have a genuine care for others. I pray His best for you. — td

  2. Chris,

    Sweet usage of google maps to put a picture of this on here. This just goes to show you are a much cooler blogger than me. Hey, I’m speaking at NV on July 6..will you be in town?

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