‘favorite’ Bible book?

It’s been awhile since I’ve been asked this. The first time was probably a month or so after being baptized (back in 2004 I believe) – it was a hard question to answer then, and it still is now. I can’t honestly say I’ve read the Bible several times fully. Let’s see – I *think* I’ve read it fully twice … and I’m on round 3 right now and am in Nehemiah.

When I was first asked this was over some book study in a Real-Life Group (a.k.a. small group) in this church. I vaguely recall most of the responses were some book of the Gospels, or Proverbs (especially gals). Maybe someone also picked Psalms. I *think* I picked whatever book I was reading at the time (which probably was one of the Gospels since I heard I should start at the beginning of the New Testament, which starts with the Gospels).

So, I could be all like everyone else and pick one of the Gospels for several reasons… but I’m not.

SIDE NOTE: You know this actually digs in deeper to an issue I have with labelling some things as ‘my favorite’. I really don’t carry around things categorized in that way. My favorite book? I don’t know – I like a lot of different stuff some a whole bunch, but can I name one as my favorite? No. Movies? The same – but I like a lot of old movies! Maybe the issue lies in the fact that I don’t always remember titles to things very well. Like movies, and songs and bands and books. I can tell you little bits of the song/story/a scene but unless you can connect the dots, it’s usually a moot point.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the Old Testament and really like what I’m reading now – so I’ll say Nehemiah is my favorite. I thought it was Ezra I was so enamored with, but apparently I was wrong. I’m almost at the end of it.

Nehemiah and the Wall by Justin Gerard (copyright I assume 12stoneart)

I just really love the story of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem and all the struggles they go through and how Nehemiah just ‘sticks it to the man’ opposing the work (4 and 6), bringing the people together, leading them (4), speaking out and making changes to those oppressed (5) and they get it done in *52 days*. Then he and Ezra reform the people by reading the Law and some serious celebration like they hadn’t done in a *long time* (8). Last thing – I don’t recall ever reading chapter 9 where pretty much the entire story of the Jews is told in short-form…

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2 responses to “‘favorite’ Bible book?

  1. Thanks, Chris. Didn’t mean to make it hard on ya! :o)

  2. Good thoughts Chris…Chapter 8 of Nehemiah is one of my favorites in all of the Bible. I would have loved to have been there that day, when Ezra read from the Bible for hours upon hours. Ezra and Nehemiah were quite a team.

    It’s so difficult to pick a favorite book. We can get so immersed in what we’re reading at the time…until we’re on to the next book and feel the same way.

    Favorite verse from Nehemiah 8 – “And all the people went their way to eat and drink and to send portions and to make great rejoicing, because they had understood the words that were declared to them.” – Nehemiah 8:12 (ESV)

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